Why You Should Use Smart AEDs from Mindray

Establishing an emergency rescue system on campus increases students’ awareness of their safety and reduces accidental accidents. Additionally, a vital part of the emergency rescue system is the widespread usage of AEDs in schools. AEDs are medical devices that are used to save cardiac arrest victims. They’re frequently called portable defibrillators.

After a cardiac arrest, the AED can shock the heart with electricity to defibrillate it, restoring a normal rhythm and saving the patient’s life. In this essay, you will get some information about the AED supplier Mindray and the significance of using AED for schools.

Why is it so important that everyone can use safe AEDs?

The largest cause of death worldwide is heart disease, and sudden cardiac arrest is a significant cause of death. Before dying, sudden cardiac arrest patients frequently present as normal, and as a result, the vast majority of cardiac arrests occur outside of hospitals.

During a cardiac arrest, the patient’s circulation is cut off, impairing the heart’s ability to pump blood properly and depriving vital organs like the brain of oxygen and blood, which results in irreversible brain cell death.

After about 10 minutes, the heart stops beating, the patient’s ventricular fibrillation stops, and the brain cells degenerate. If life-saving measures are not taken immediately, the patient’s life will terminate completely. As a result, utilizing an AEDĀ  is crucially more important than waiting for assistance.


As a result, Mindray’s AED is highly intelligent. It has a stable and reliable system that enables regular people to administer first aid through audio-visual instructions properly. It is frequently used in public spaces other than hospitals, such as subway stations, airports, schools, shopping malls, movie theaters, stadiums, etc.

Another benefit of AED use in schools is the ability to treat pupils who have suffered sudden cardiac arrest right away. For further information, go to the Mindray website.

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