Signs that you need a root canal

Root canals are the most commonly used dental treatment for both children and adults. It isn’t very comforting to hear the word root canal. Root canals sound like something you should avoid. Root canals can save teeth from decay or infection. Root canals are a procedure that removes the pulp (or root canals) from inside your tooth. This includes nerves and blood vessels. A dentist then cleans out the empty canal. The canal is then sealed with an obturation, or filling material. This prevents bacteria from entering the canal again. This article will discuss the most common symptoms and conditions that can be caused by infections. Continue reading.

  • Inflammation

Infected teeth can cause pain and discomfort. The tooth’s nerve and tissue tissues are inflamed. A person may also feel their mouth becoming warmer to the touch. Other symptoms include swelling in the cheeks and gums, headaches, and jaw pain.

  • Extreme Pain when Biting or Chewing

Infected teeth can cause nerves to become sensitive. You may feel a sharp, intense pain when you chew or bite. This happens when you put too much pressure on your tooth’s nerve endings. Your brain then responds by sending pain impulses to your mouth. The severity of the infection will determine how intense this pain is.

  • Swollen, Red and Bleeding Gums

Infected teeth can cause damage to the blood vessels. The infection causes the gums to recede around the tooth and turn red and swollen as it attempts to heal itself. A person might also notice that their gums are bleeding more easily when flossing or brushing.

  • Cold/Hot Feelings When You Drink

Inflamed nerves in a tooth send false signals to their brain that tell them what temperature liquid is. When liquids are at room temperature, this can cause a person to feel cold. You may notice hot drinks in your mouth and throat, even if they are at room temperature.

  • Bad Breath

Bad breath is one of the most common signs and symptoms of tooth infection. Bad breath is a sign that something is wrong in your mouth. This is also a sign that something is wrong with your teeth. Infected root canal bacteria can cause bad breath.

  • Dark Gums and Teeth

Color of the gums and teeth can tell you if they are healthy. A tooth infection could indicate if the color changes to gray, yellowish, or dark. Another sign is tenderness or soreness when brushing your teeth.

Root canal treatment is a way to treat severely damaged teeth that have been infected. Root canal treatment is recommended for patients suffering from tooth decay or infection. You may also notice darkened gums or teeth, a cold or hot sensation while swallowing, bleeding gums, or swelling.

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