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The Advantages of Using ClearPetra for Ureteroscopy

The ClearPetra System for Continuous Flow Lithotripsy of Well Lead Medical is designed for the effective and efficient treatment of urinary stones using Negative Pressure Aspiration through an oblique side port on the ClearPetra sheath. ClearPetra developed by Wellead is designed to improve the efficiency and safety of ureteroscopy and to reduce the risk of complications such as infection, bleeding, and ureteral injury. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of using ClearPetra for ureteroscopy.


One of the advantages of using ClearPetra system for ureteroscopy is that it can improve the efficiency of the procedure. ClearPetra has an oblique side branch with a pressure vent that can be connected to a negative pressure aspiration device. This allows for continuous or intermittent suction of stone fragments and debris from the urinary tract during ureteroscopy. This can reduce the operating time, the number of basket extractions, and the need for secondary procedures or auxiliary treatments. ClearPetra also has a flexible tip that can be passively deflected 180° to the lower pole calyces by the flexible ureteroscope, allowing for better access and visualization of the kidney stones. ClearPetra is available in different sizes and lengths to suit different anatomies and preferences.


Another advantage of using ClearPetra for ureteroscopy is that it can improve the safety of the procedure. ClearPetra can reduce the risk of infection by removing bacteria and biofilm from the urinary tract during ureteroscopy, preventing them from ascending to the kidney or causing sepsis. ClearPetra can also reduce the risk of bleeding by minimizing the trauma and irritation to the ureteral wall during ureteroscopy, as well as by removing blood clots and hematuria from the urinary tract. ClearPetra can also reduce the risk of ureteral injury by providing a smooth and gentle insertion and removal of the ureteral access sheath, as well as by reducing the friction and pressure on the ureteral wall during ureteroscopy.


ClearPetra is a innovative system that can provide many advantages for ureteroscopy. It uses negative pressure aspiration to remove stone fragments and debris from the urinary tract, improving efficiency and safety. ClearPetra is developed by Wellead, a reputable medical device company that has been producing endourology products for over 20 years. If you want to experience the advantages of using ClearPetra for ureteroscopy, please contact Wellead or visit their website for more information.

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