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Revolutionizing Smart Education Display Solutions : LEDMAN’s Interactive Board

As a leading innovator in the field of smart education display solutions, LEDMAN shows their state-of-the-art Interactive Board for teaching, a comprehensive system designed to revolutionize teaching experiences. By combining a COB panel-based smart all-in-one machine with multiple subsystems, LEDMAN‘s solution addresses the limitations of traditional education processes and enables a seamless transition to smart education.

Intelligent Interactive Teaching Functions

At the core of LEDMAN’s Interactive Board for teaching is a full touch UHD COB technology display, providing teachers with an expansive and visually immersive workspace. This advanced display offers more display space, allowing educators to present their course materials with clarity and detail. Real-time annotation and highlighting capabilities empower teachers to dynamically enhance their courseware, making it more engaging and interactive for students.

Sound Pickup and Amplification System

LEDMAN’s Interactive Smart Board for classroom is equipped with a professional sound pickup and amplification system, ensuring clear and high-quality audio throughout the classroom. This advanced system effectively suppresses whistling and eliminates echoes, providing optimal sound quality during lectures and discussions. By delivering immersive audio experiences, students can better comprehend and engage with the educational content, resulting in an enhanced overall learning experience.

Intelligent Camera Tracking System

The Interactive Board features a high-definition camera with intelligent tracking capabilities. This cutting-edge system automatically tracks the teacher’s movements in real-time, capturing and recording the lecture content effortlessly. By eliminating the need for manual camera adjustments, teachers can focus entirely on delivering their lessons, enhancing teaching efficiency and effectiveness.


LEDMAN’s Interactive Board for teaching represents a significant advancement in smart education display solutions. With its intelligent interactive teaching functions, sound pickup and amplification system, and intelligent camera tracking capabilities, this system revolutionizes the way education is delivered. By seamlessly integrating technology into the classroom, LEDMAN’s Interactive Board enhances the learning experience, promotes collaboration, and empowers educators to deliver engaging and impactful lessons.

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