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Malaysia’s Smart and Green Futuristic Forest City

Forest City is an innovative new urban development in Johor’s Iskandar Malaysia Special Economic Zone. Country Garden Pacificview Sdn Bhd, a joint venture between Country Garden Group and EDSB, is developing this property. Forest metropolis, a smart and green future metropolis on four man-made islands covering 30km2, will blend environment, technology, and cutting-edge technology to create an idyllic, technology-driven living and working space ecology.

County Garden Chairman’s Dream: A Desired Living Paradise

Forest City will have a wonderful temperature, sea vistas, brilliant blue sky, and pure air year-round. The city’s lovely parks and lack of traffic make it a great place to sunbathe, swim, or walk. Smart technology, cuisine, entertainment, employment, and leisure make Forest City fascinating. Mr. Yeung Kwok Keung, Country Garden Group Chairman, wants to make Forest City a desirable living paradise, and it seems he is succeeding.

Smart City Connectivity

New residences in Forest City Malaysia provide smart city living. Country Garden Group Forest City has approximately 9,000 new houses ready for inhabitants. After Starview Bay’s completion in May, 6,500 more people will move into one of the world’s most inventive new communities.

Forest City has created a connected smart island experience with new living technology, customized service, and community activities to serve its expanding population. Forest Life App, Forest City’s one-stop service platform, provides easy access to community services.


In conclusion, Forest metropolis in Malaysia is a smart, green, future metropolis with technology, sustainability, and an ideal living environment. Forest City, a desirable living paradise, has built new residences, enabling more inhabitants to move in and enjoy the linked smart city. Forest City’s Forest Life App makes community services convenient and fun for residents. Forest City is one of the world’s most inventive new communities, offering residents a cutting-edge living and working space ecology.

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