Detailed rules and how to play Tien Len Southern card game are extremely simple

Perhaps we are not too familiar with the Southern Tien Len game. Up to now, it is still the most loved and chosen card game on game portals. So what are the detailed rules and how to play this game? Do you really understand it all even though you play this game often? Let’s New88today learn about Southern Tien Len Card Law Please!

How many cards do you advance?

Tien Len Mien Nam is a game based on a deck of 52 cards, the cards in order from smallest to largest are 3, 4, 5, 6…J, Q, K, A, 2.

Each card includes 4 cards with 4 different suits and small sizes in the following order: Hearts > Diamonds > Diamonds > Spades. Therefore, the card with the suit will be the highest card among the four cards of the same value.

Common terms in Southern card playing

The terms that we often see in Southern card playing are as follows:

  • Single cards: Only any odd cards out of 52 cards.
  • Pig: is card 2.
  • Row: there are card types such as: 4 pairs of pine, 3 pairs of pine, four of a kind.
  • Junk: are cards that cannot be combined with other cards.
  • Pair: consists of 2 identical cards but regardless of quality.
  • Gray Miss: those are 3 identical cards.
  • Four of a kind: includes 4 identical cards.
  • 3 pairs of cards: is to own 3 consecutive pairs of cards.
  • 4 pairs of cards: there are 4 pairs of cards in a row.
  • Straight: is having 3 or more consecutive numbers.
  • Same color: have cards of the same color red or black.
  • Win white Go ahead: you will win immediately after the cards are dealt.
  • Freezing loss: you will not be able to play any cards.
  • Rotten: that is when at the end of the hand, the player still has four of a kind, two or seven on the card.
  • Chop, block, crush: you will use cards of greater value to prevent others from continuing.

The most accurate law for moving to the South

People saymove south is the easiest card game to play, but when playing, you must clearly understand the rules of the game to avoid breaking the rules and losing.

Game rules: advance to win

The game of Tien Len, Win White is one of the favorite games of every player. Because if you own this deck of cards, you will not need to think or calculate and will win immediately.

However, you must own one of the following types of cards: 5 pairs of cards, 2 pairs of cards, 3 pairs of cards to A, 4 cards or 6 pairs.

Rules of the game to advance to the south with four quarters

The four quarters advancing to the south have quite a great power. If you have a four of a kind, you can use it to block a 1 or a pair of 2s, a smaller four of a kind, or a smaller 3 pair of pines.

The law moves to the South to chop pigs

Pig chopping rules Moving to the south, you must own a larger pig or collect a certain number of cards according to the rules to be able to chop the pig. For example: four of a kind, three pairs of information,…

Three pairs of pine trees

Going to the south, if there are 3 consecutive pairs, it is called 3 consecutive pairs. You will chop a lower value pig or pine leaf.

Four pairs of pine trees

If you have four pairs of pines in the Southern move, you can block 1 or 1 pair of 2nd, four-of-a-kind pines and 3-4 smaller pine pairs.

Rotten – the rules of playing cards forward

Does the song Tien Len to the South have the last 2 rotten? According to the rules of Southern Tien Len card game, at the end of the game, a certain player has 2 left, a pair of cards or four of a kind. They will call it a rotten card and will be punished according to the originally agreed upon rules.
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Freeze occurs when the game ends but the player has not played any cards. At that time, they will be banned and must compensate according to the original regulations.

Instructions on how to play Southern card game

Tien Len Mien Nam is often chosen by many people due to the simplicity of the gameplay. But winning any game is not easy. To help you play cards more effectively, New88 will guide you some ways to play Tien Tien card as follows:

How to play Southern Tien Len in detail in a specific game

When you enter a hand, the first thing to do is check your cards, to see what cards they contain.

How to play Tien Len or when you have memorized all the cards, arrange the cards properly, giving priority to playing doubles, especially fours and pine pairs. If your hand has many pairs and many straights, you must first play these types of cards to destroy your opponent’s cards. If you have a lot of odd cards and you have a lot of high value cards like J, Q, K, A, 2, you should play the odd card first.

If you see that the card has too many low cards, you should let someone else play first, avoiding direct confrontation. You should also skip your turn when you see the remaining 3 people continuously cutting each other.

How to arrange cards forward and play when there is no 2

The way to play southern cards in case your cards don’t have 2 is that you should focus on doubles and straights. You should not argue with your opponent about odd cards because they may have an advantage in 2s, fours, or pairs.

You have to wait for the final stage to open all your cards because at this stage your opponent hardly has many big cards left. This is a good opportunity for you to scatter your cards and avoid finishing last.

The way to play cards is to always win when there are four of a kind

If your hand has at least one four-of-a-kind suit, it will be a trump card that will help you turn the situation around. In advancing to the south, the four quarters can block 1 or 2 pig leaves, or block all 3 pairs of information.

At this point, let your opponent go all the way, when the remaining opponents have gone about ⅔ of the cards. You have to block their cards and tempt them to play pig or pine. Normally players will leave the pig at the end of the game to play. You then use four quarters to block the pig, which will penalize your opponent and give you the advantage of finishing first.

How to play Tien Len Southern when you have three pairs of cards and 4 pairs of cards

The way to play Tien Len in the South has 3 pairs of information, 4 pairs of information, you must choose to stalk, must know when to follow, when not to follow, avoid being hasty to guard against opponents. If necessary, use a large card to lure the pig.

If the cards have information but the remainder is too small to play, you must choose to scatter the cards as quickly as possible. As for 3 pairs of cards and 4 pairs of cards, you should keep them as trump cards to gain an advantage.

Note how to play forward and always win

Here are some tips to help you increase your chances of winning when playing Tien Len Southern:

How to play Tien Len Southern card game by memorizing the cards

Remembering Tien Len cards is an important key to helping you win when playing Tien Len in the South. You have to really concentrate to be able to remember the cards you played before as well as the cards you currently have. When first learning to memorize cards, you should choose to memorize high value cards such as: 2,A,K,Q,J… then gradually learn to remember smaller cards.

The benefit of memorizing cards is huge because you will be able to judge whether other players have trump cards like four of a kind or pair of pine. You can also see which cards have appeared and which cards have not appeared. From there, you know how to choose to keep your cards until the end of the game.

Memorizing your cards takes a long time, so you should play cards regularly to learn how to remember them as quickly as possible.

Play decisively when playing 52 cards

Playing decisively when playing cards is also a good tip to help increase your winning percentage. Don’t hesitate because you risk missing a great opportunity and helping your opponent win.

If you have the opportunity, you must be decisive and quick to force the opponent to show their trump card as soon as possible.

You should fight directly when there are only 2 people together because then your chances of winning will be higher than usual. If in this round there are 3-4 people competing, the cards must be divided and kept for the next round.

How to play cards forward with a smart strategy

One more tip whenPlay Tien Len Southern is that you need to play strategically and with discipline. Do not play cards indiscriminately or without calculation.

If you play straights or small pairs without an opponent, continue playing straights and doubles to create confusion and destroy your opponent’s hands. If you must play first, look carefully at the cards before deciding to play.

Hijacking is the easiest trick to win

To be able to steal the right to fight in your hands, you must choose the right time. For example, if your opponent is playing cards and you have a high card in your hand, you must take the high cards to block and steal the turn for yourself. Then you change the direction of the cards depending on the strength card you have. You should use this trick in the mid game.

Frequently asked questions about how to play Tien Len in the South

Frequently asked questions about Southern poker rules.

Can four gentlemen cut a pig in half?

According to Southern card game rules, four of a kind can cut 1 pig or 2 pigs regardless of quality.

Are five pairs of pine trees white?

If you have 5 pairs of cards, you can win white if your opponent does not have 5 pairs of cards greater than you.

Can three pairs of pine trees chop pigs?

If you have 3 pairs of pines, you can block 1 pig.

Does straight from 3 to Ace win white?

If you have a straight from 3 to Ace, playing white is the most reasonable.

Can four pairs be cut into four pairs?

According to the rules of Southern Tien Len card game, four of a kind cannot cut 4 pairs of pine trees, but can only cut 1 or 2 pigs, 3 pairs of pine trees and smaller four of a kind.

How to always win when playing?

If you still want to win whenPlay Tien Len Southern It’s very difficult, but you can improve your odds by: Remembering previously played cards, playing decisively, choosing when to play wisely, and taking advantage of the opportunity to play as much as possible.

What if my husband is punished?

Normally, when a player is punished by his husband, he will have to pay a fine twice as high as the regulations. For example, person number 1 cuts person number 2’s pig with 3 pairs of pine needles (the biggest pig is a muscle pig), but person number 4 cuts person number 2’s husband with four quarters. Then person number 2 will have to pay double the penalty.

Is the penalty for chopping a pig heavier or freezing more severe?

Normally, a person who is frozen will be punished the same as a person who is chopped into a pig.

Compared to rot, is freezing heavier or lighter?

Compared to rot, a player who is frozen will receive the same punishment as a player who is rotten.

What if there is a 3rd quarter?

If he owns the 3rd quarter, this player will win immediately.

Prestigious address for playing Tien Len – attractive rewards

Currently, there are many Tien Len game portals to redeem prizes, bookmakers allow players to participate in Tien Len Southern. Therefore, players are often confused by hundreds or thousands of game portals. Many people have even been scammed by fake gambling portals or encountered unscrupulous bookmakers who use tricks to capture the results.

Therefore, finding a safe and reputable gambling location is not easy.

To choose a reputable bookmaker, you need to:

  • Choose bookmakers that have been operating for a long time, are reputable and have a large community
  • Choose a green bookmaker with diverse payment channels and quick payouts
  • Choose a dealer with clear information and history

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Above are detailed rules of Tien Len Southern card game and how to play Southern Tien Len card game. We hope this article will help you better understand this game. If you have any questions, please contact us New88 for advice and answers.

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