Best AWD Cars to Buy

Driving a car equipped with all-wheel drive has many advantages. Many people view it as a way to conquer rough terrain. However, most AWD systems can improve traction and handling on roads that aren’t as smooth or uninterrupted. States where there is a lot of snow and/or rain that can cause muddy buildup. All-wheel drive has other advantages, such as better handling and increased safety. This is why the best AWD sport cars are so popular and in high demand. These four AWD vehicles are the best available in all segments of the American automotive market.

Genesis G80

All-wheel drivetrains are popular for large luxury sedans. It is usually an additional-cost option. The G80 isn’t your average luxury car. Many buyers will add it on to get everything they want. The Genessi, which is advertised as an affordable alternative to German flagship sedans, offers rear-wheel drive and is therefore a better value proposition.

AWD is available as an option if you choose the racier 3.T model with the twin turbo V6 that produces 375 horsepower and 391lb-ft torque. You need more control to make the most of extra power. This is why it’s possible to send power to all four wheels. However, power is not always sent to the front wheels. Instead, the system kicks in when sensors indicate that there is a danger of losing grip.

This not only makes the Genesis G80 a fun car to drive but also increases the sedan’s safety rating. This brand inherits Hyundai’s excellent reliability record and longer than average warranty. Executive is a true competitor to Mercedes-Benz, BMW and other brands due to its elegant and sophisticated interior and outstanding tech offerings. Genesis created an AWD sedan that elevates a standard model to the top echelons in luxury. It also offers a lower MSRP.

Toyota RAV4

The RAV4 is the most popular car in America. It is affordable and attractive, appealing to crossover and SUV buyers. It is not an enjoyable car to drive. This is despite the fact that it has a range of engine options, including a hybrid plug-in. Although the all-electric range is not as long as genuine electric vehicles which are more common, 42 miles is quite impressive for a PHEV.

The RAV4 is a great value for money when you consider its competitive fuel economy figures, regardless of which engine it uses. All-wheel drive makes it more appealing to buyers in areas with snowy winters. It is not meant to be mistaken for an off-road SUV. However, it has 8.6 inches of ground clearance.

This is not a problem for a car designed to be an urban companion. You will find plenty of space in the back and front seats as well as ample trunk space. Toyota makes sure the RAV4 comes with a wide range of standard driver assistance, which are combined with the strong body and all-wheel drivetrain to make it very safe.

Cadillac Lyriq

The Lyriq is a premium SUV that’s a little more luxurious than the rest. This is an all-electric high-rider, hand-built in Cadillac. AWD electric cars are quite common since it is much easier to give them this useful characteristic. You only need one motor at the front and one at the back. The Caddy’s combined output is 500 horsepower, making it quite lively. Although it does reduce range, the Caddy’s 312 mile range is still competitive.

EVs can often produce a lot of torque and power, so being able to distribute this evenly between the wheels is a great way for greater control and more confidence when driving. Active sound cancellation further enhances the already quiet powertrain to create a comfortable mobile cocoon. Despite the absence of adaptive suspension, this is still a great result. The standard single-state dampers can absorb bumps and not completely cancel out steering feel at higher speeds.

It may have been easy to forget that Cadillac was a premium automaker in the past. But the Lyriq has dispelled any doubts. It has an appealing exterior design that is futuristic and comfortable for five people. You also get a variety of safety and infotainment features.

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