6 Myths that could cloud your judgment

Dr. Martin Maag is a hair-loss specialist in Lakewood Ranch. He believes that balding myths can cause confusion and misinterpretations. But, it is possible to dispel the myths surrounding male pattern baldness and help victims fight the real causes. These are some common hair loss myths:

  • Hair Loss is only an issue for men

A large percentage of the world’s population thinks that hair loss only affects men. The condition is not restricted to men, contrary to the old-fashioned view. Women experience similar hair loss patterns to men. Hormonal changes and stress caused by worrying about how to balance work and home are two common causes of hair loss in women.

  • Hair loss caused by overexposure to sunlight

Although the sun doesn’t directly cause hair loss, excessive exposure to UV rays can have a detrimental effect on hair strands. Sun rays can cause hair to look duller and weaken. This can be addressed with a trim or spa treatment. Your healthcare provider may recommend that you wear a head scarf or cap to prevent UV rays from damaging your hair.

  • Balding can be caused by wearing caps and hats

Although covering your hair is important to avoid sunburn, some myths say that caps can cause hair to fall. This is because the hat stops your hair from breathing and loosens it. Your hair gets oxygen from your follicles which provides the essential nutrients it needs. Hair infection can lead to hair falling off if your hat is dirty.

  • Balding is an issue common to old age

Hair loss isn’t something that should be a problem for older men. Hair loss can start in your teens and peak in your 20s or 30s. You don’t have to lose your hair young. Hair loss can be caused by many factors, including genetics. Predominant balding genes may cause you to lose hair sooner.

  • Hair gels and sprays can contribute to balding

Hair oil is great for hair because it gives your hair the nutrients you need to stay healthy, shiny, and thick. Because of their messy handling, some people prefer to use gel over hair oil. Gel can be damaged if you use it with mechanical tools like straighteners to style hair. Overuse of this equipment could cause hair strand damage.

  • Balding might be caused by an increase in testosterone

Hair loss is not caused by an increase in testosterone hormone levels. Male pattern balding is a result of different men’s hair follicles’ reactions to the DHT (dihydrotestosterone) hormone.

  • Hair cutting can make your hair thicker and more healthy

How your hair grows back depends on how thin or damaged your hair is. The rate at which your hair grows back depends on how you live. It doesn’t matter what the reason for your growing bald spots, it can be difficult to manage them.

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