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3D mapping – What is it?

3D mapping is a new technology that lets you project images and videos onto uneven surfaces. 3D Mapping allows you to create a spectacular holiday on the street or show that will leave no one indifferent.

3D mapping – Possibilities

Video lighting technology allows you to restore any structure, vehicle or interior. This video illumination allows objects to be given visual mobility by using ordinary projectors. A programmer creates the “magic” by creating high-precision content. The elements of both the object and the projected image match perfectly. Each architectural object is given its own content.

Advertising video lighting

The advertising industry has a lot of potential with 3d mapping technology. Advertising can be created using 3d mapping technology on both stationary and moving objects. However, such advertising will not be ignored. The video backlight is captivating and will not leave anyone indifferent. It’s a dream for advertisers.

Holidays in the city, historical and cultural events

The 3D mapping show is very impressive in the darkness. This will make any holiday complete, especially if you have music and/or fireworks.

Opening of shops and business centers, corporate events

How do you attract attention to an existing or new company? How can you attract clients and buyers to your new business or shopping center? 3D mapping solves all these problems. You will be talked about and remembered for your amazing show.

Every 3D mapping show you see is unique

Lighting is customized for each project. Each show is unique. This creates the holiday’s unique atmosphere. This approach allows you to highlight the best aspects of the product in advertising and promotion.

You can create a variety of illusions by using 3D mapping.

3D mapping is a revolutionary technology

This is however rapidly gaining popularity. This is not surprising. After all, video highlighting:

It can have a positive impact on your image. It is not possible for every company to put on a light show that pleases everyone.

It draws attention to the company’s products and is better than any other advertising. Bright and dynamic lighting of buildings draws the attention of hundreds.

What objects can video lighting be used?

Video installations and architectural lighting will be suitable for:

Buildings and structures of all shapes;

Scenery on the stage

automobiles and other modes (e.g., train)

Exhibition stands

3d Mapping: Price

3D mapping costs are influenced by the following factors:

3D mapping object;

The intended installation area

The content complexity (whether it is a static image or a full-blown 3D mapping video);

Parasitic illumination;

Territories of the project implementation

Temperature and season.

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