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Uses and Benefits of RFID Technology in Fashion Retail

The fashion industry is  stubborn embracer of new technologies. Industry leaders modify their businesses in ways that set them apart from their rivals, though, once they finally take the risk. In the wake of the pandemic, fashion retail organizations are moving swiftly to improve procedures, cut costs, and increase revenue. It is not surprising that more businesses are utilizing RFID technology. Handheld RFID readers solve several persistent corporate issues, including shoddy inventory management and lousy customer service.

RFID in the Retail Fashion Industry

Additionally, about 70% of merchants are interested in implementing RFID in the future year, according to a report.  Please first give us a brief overview of RFID technology.

A radio frequency identification (RFID) tag, an RFID reader, and data processing software are all components of an automatic identification system. The RFID reader can locate tags and scan for them to obtain product data (e.g., brands, batch and year of manufacturing, price, etc.). Overall, there are several benefits of  adopting handheld RFID scanners and software in retail. RFID asset tracking technology improves stock management, makes the most of inventory purchases to boost sales, and lowers handling costs, benefiting the entire business.

Main Applications of RFID in the Fashion Retail Sector

The majority of retail establishments must utilize their small space efficiently. RFID has a wide range of applications in this context, from stock identification and item delivery to enhancing consumer satisfaction.

Now let’s look at the main applications of RFID technology in stores.

-Stock identification

-Bulk  scanning

– Handling items

– Record and renew item informaiton in real time

-Automatic reordering

-Better the customer experience

Product Suggestion from UROVO: DT50U UHF RFID Handheld Terminal

The DT50U UHF RFID Handheld Terminal is a brand-new, dependable, one-stop solution that our team at  UROVO has created for your garment business. The DT50U RFID readers are a single device that combines RFID and barcode scanning technology. The device can quickly and accurately provide professional code scanning and batch RFID tag readings.

About the RFID reader, the DT50U’s integrated 5dBi high-sensitivity RFID antenna can cover a more comprehensive scanning range, making it possible to read many RFID labels within 20m quickly. With the help of its self-adaptive interference cancellation (SIC) technology, the gadget can easily recognize high-density labels and deal with challenging situations.  The DT50U also includes a proprietary professional code scanning module that allows it to quickly scan international universal 1D/2D/distorted/stained/old barcodes.

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