Is Swedish Massage Standardized?

Massage is the manipulation of soft tissue, such as muscles and connective tissues. It is important to remember that the different massage methods can overlap. Some techniques may be more similar than others depending on the educational background of the practitioner.

My Swedish massage training focuses primarily on the soft tissues and skeletal muscle. It is important to note that Swedish massage can be performed differently in different schools.

This is common for manual therapy. The curriculums of chiropractic and physical therapy colleges might differ from one another. Each school in Swedish will teach students massage according the schools of literature. Swedish massage is taught in a majority of private schools.

How long does a massage take?

While some state universities offer a limited amount of massage instruction, such as in physical therapy, it is not an complete curriculum. This is in contrast to private massage schools. Although physiotherapists in Swedish had been trained in massage before the 1970s, there was an increasing demand for scientific physiotherapy. Or based on evidence. It should. So the paradox today is that many private schools that are not university-affiliated have extensive massage training programs.

College programs in medicine and health are more extensive than those in science, medicine, or human biology. Although many private masaji schools fall under the state’s supervision, this is only a formality. The authority has no real knowledge of manual therapy or massage. The school is responsible for quality control of Swedish massage courses. Today, there are ten schools that make up the Swedish Massage Advisory Council.

The Massage Advisory Council has agreed on the muscles a massage therapist should be able to use and their involvement and functions. However, there is no consensus on practical. Although there is agreement about which massage therapist should have the ability to passively stretch the patient’s muscles, each school must decide how it is done. When it comes to hands on massage, the guidelines are more vague.

The Swedish Massage Advisory Council states that a certified masseuse/massage therapist must have a solid theoretical and practical understanding of massage techniques, efflux and petrissage, friction (circulatory movements with the tips and fingers), vibration, tapotement, and friction. These techniques must be applied individually to clients or patients, taking into account their health and constitution.

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