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Parlay is a betting strategy that has attracted the attention of many players thanks to its ability to create big wins. However, not everyone knows how to play smartly and effectively. Understanding the curiosity of bettors, Okvip online We will share how to easily calculate and predict lottery numbers through the following content.
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What is cross lotteries?

Parlay lottery is a type of betting on many numbers instead of just focusing on playing one individual number. If the selected numbers match the last 2 numbers in the lottery prizes, the bettor will win. However, you need to note that winning only applies when all the numbers you choose appear in the drawing session, missing even one number will not be considered a win. Currently, there are 3 most popular types of cross lottery numbers, specifically 2, 3 and 4 cross numbers corresponding to 2-3-4 numbers for one bet. 

The player’s task is to choose numbers between 00-99 depending on the number needed. The more numbers a skewer has, the more difficult it is to play because the probability of winning will decrease as the number increases. Therefore, you should consider your forecasting experience and budget before participating in this form of betting.

Formula for calculating cross lotteries at Okvip 

To calculate money when betting on winning lottery numbers at Okvip, you need to base it on the number of bets because the reward will increase proportionally to the number of duplicate lots.

  • Parlay 2: If you bet on parlay 2 and both numbers are correct in the Northern lottery results, you will receive a bonus at the rate of 1 to 10. In the case of betting 100 thousand VND on parlay 2 in XSMT and XSMN, the amount If you win, you get up to 2 million 3 hundred thousand because the payout coefficient applied is 1:23.
  • Cross 3: To win cross 3, you need to bet on 3 lots and all 3 numbers in the drawing results must be correct. Winnings are calculated based on the odds of 80.
  • Cross 4: This form has the highest odds of 1 to 100 but requires bettors to predict that all 4 numbers match.

Experience in playing lotteries and always winning

If you’re wondering about the secrets to consistently winning lottery jackpots, you definitely shouldn’t ignore the following suggested playing tips. Okvip will share unique experiences and strategies to help bettors always win in this challenging game.

Estimate the probability of cross-lottery bets

Lottery will focus on numbers in 27 lottery prizes with a total of 100 options from 00 to 99. Therefore, the probability of successful prediction will be 27%. In case the lottery prizes are different in the last 2 numbers and can be the same, the winning rate according to experts is only 23.76%.

From the probability of predicting a winning number, you can easily estimate as follows:

  • With cross lotteries 2, the winning rate will be: 23.76% x 23.76% = 5.6%
  • With lot 3, the probability of success will be: 23.76% x 23.76% x 23.76% = 1.34%
  • Bet on 4, the winning rate will be: 23.76% x 23.76% x 23.76% x 23.76% = 0.32%.

Once you understand the probability of each betting option, you should consider which form suits you best. If you do not have much experience and have limited capital, you should only start with 2-way parlay. 4-way parlay is the most difficult form of betting but it is easy for players to be attracted by the very high betting coefficient, up to 100 times capital.


Play lottery according to experience and memory

Here are a few common cases in lottery passed down by “experienced” bettors. Refer now to quickly choose beautiful lottery numbers with a high probability of winning.

  • If the number 97 appears on Thursday and Saturday, it is very likely that the number 33 will appear on Sunday and Monday.
  • If the first number of the day is 77 and all other numbers are negative 3, there is a high chance that number 73 will be drawn the next day.
  • On Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, lot 66 will often appear in the drawing results.
  • If a double lottery appears today, consider betting on numbers like 010, 252, 030, 707.

Parlay betting formula 2

The form of playing multiple lotteries in pairs has been applied by many people and has produced very good results. The statistics on winning times of 2nd parlay usually follow the following rules:

  • 33 will go with 35 or 53.
  • The number 44 will appear alongside 43 or 11.
  • The number 33 also often comes in pairs with two numbers, 65 or 66.
  • Number 76 often explodes with number 47.

Cross lottery is not a difficult strategy if you know how to apply the right principles and strategies. Okvip always provides a safe and professional environment for you to test the latest betting methods. So, whether you are a rookie or experienced lottery player, please confidently participate with the instructions above. Certainly, Okvip will bring many opportunities to receive top winnings.

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