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Explore the Most Popular Search Engines in the World

Modern life is awash with search engines. Many people use multiple search engines throughout the day to navigate between sites. Google’s position as the most trusted search engine has been a major change in the search engine landscape over the last few years.

There are many other options that you can explore if your goal is to make browsing more enjoyable or to simply try something different. Here is a list listing the top ten motori di ricerca worldwide, ranked according to the number of searches per month.


Google is the most widely used search engine online. Google has a market share exceeding 90% in the United States and over 80% globally, so it’s not surprising that Google is the most popular search engine. While they were Stanford University graduate students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin created the first Google Index. It was originally called BackRub. The popularity of the service led to the current name Google (a play upon googol).

It offers web search for billions around the globe, as well as free email services via Gmail. Gmail also provides an internet browser (Chrome), office productivity (Google Docs), operating system (Android), and hardware devices such smartphones or tablets (Nexus). Social networking services like YouTube are also available. It’s hard to imagine how anyone could live without these products every day!


Contrary to popular search engines like Google and Yahoo! Bing is not like other popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo! It was launched June 3, 2009. It was created by Microsoft. Microsoft also owns 90%. Bing is more focused on pages that are from trusted sources like major newspapers and magazines, than those from less credible sources.

Bing also uses its own technology to interpret queries and return relevant results. This means that unlike Google, which displays ads at the top search results pages, Bing shows a higher number of non-sponsored hyperlinks. These advantages may make Bing a more prominent player in the search engine market than Google, according to some experts.


Yahoo! is one of the most used search engines in the globe. Millions of people use it every day to find the information they need. Yahoo is part of Oath Inc. which is a subsidiary Verizon Communications. AOL and HuffPost are also assets of Oath. Yahoo was founded in 1994. In 1998, Yahoo and Google reached an agreement to use their search engine. This arrangement lasted until 2015.

Filo was the research director at Stanford University Libraries. Email is one of the features. It was initially developed from RocketMail, which would eventually become America Online. It also contains news from different sources such as CBS News and AP News, Fox News and Reuters. Yahoo!’s logo is a combination of the words yet and oo. This creates the word Yahoo! Yahoo! was founded in June 2017. Yahoo! helped the US spy on its users using a PRISM surveillance system.

Want more information?

We recommend Prisma Solution blog if you are interested in learning more about search engines. We have created a list of the top ten search engines worldwide, their ranking, and information about what they offer. These rankings are determined by the number of searches made using these engines. These engines are not only used to search the internet for things, but they can also be used to email people and play games.

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