Crowdfunding Fulfillment: What You Need to Know

What particular difficulties arise when fulfilling crowdfunding campaigns?

Crowdfunding fulfillment presents particular difficulties that do not exist with conventional marketing techniques, such as:

Unpredictable Demand Rises and Falls

The specific crowdfunding campaign will determine how fulfillment is done, although most still differ from conventional direct-to-customer approaches. If a crowdfunding campaign becomes unexpectedly successful, you might need to complete a sizable batch of orders simultaneously, or you might not meet any charges.

Complex Logistics for Fulfillment

You need to complete routine consumer orders. Your firm will need to fulfill a variety of charges depending on the tier that customers have reached in your crowdfunding campaign, which complicates the process of who gets what things from where. Your backend systems must be developed to manage this fulfillment, mainly if you ship various products from multiple warehouses.

How it works

Get in contact

We will first require some information from you to provide you with a personalized shipping and fulfillment solution to fulfill your crowdfunding orders. We typically need a link to your crowdfunding campaign, contact information, and information on the goods you wish to ship.

Order exchange

We will determine the fulfillment and shipping costs based on your complete order list. Our shipping professional will contact you to discuss your company’s difficulties and offer advice and a price.

Your account manager

You will be given a personal account manager to guide you through the easy and quick Shipkoo account setup. You can effortlessly import your orders and receive complete visibility into the status of your orders thanks to our state-of-the-art order management software.

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